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Hello! This is my experience

Hello! Nice to meet you, again. Now I want to tell you about my experience. it's not my favourite experience, but it does give my faith in hummanity back.

This moment may not be pretty, because I remember I feel so desperate for help that I nearly cried. I was in junior high school, and it was a rainy day on Friday. As usual, on Friday I will go to BTC or Bandung Trade Center because I have a piano lesson there. Usually my mom will pick me up, but at some reason. That day, she couldn't. It's okay because actually It's only a short journey with public transportation, but I always have this bad feeling that someday I will get lost.

So after I bid goodbye to my friend, I boarded the public transportations. It's only cloudy at first, but after a while, raindrops started to fall. I didn't think much of the rain, I just stared at it through the windows while watching the scenery. Then I changed my public transportations route, and back then, I honestly didn't hav…

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